Playing live again, finally!

We are happy to announce that after lots of cancelled shows and a long time waiting we are finally able to play some shows again here in Austria. We will kick off on Saturday, 29 August at Wiednermichl‘s with a nice open air show with good vibes and burgers, two weeks later we play at INNROCK reloaded in Tirol and RockShock Theatre in Oberösterreich. We hope you are as excited as we are to finally enjoy some live music again. See you there!

Nice view at the location of our upcoming gig at Wiednermichl

“DELIVERANCE” Album Reviews

There are already some people who took the time to listen to our new album and write great reviews for their Underground Metal magazines. Thank you! – “Und jetzt sag mir mal einer, warum die UNDER DESTRUCTION noch nicht bekannter sind?! Was die Truppe hier abliefert hat nämlich auch ohne weiteres auf dem internationalen Parkett bestand.” Rating: 4,5/5 – “Erneut peitschen UNDER DESTRUCTION den Melo-Death Fan mit „Deliverance“ nach allen Regeln der Kunst.” Rating: 5/5 – “Klar, schlecht waren auch die früheren Veröffentlichungen keinesfalls, doch Deliverance ist ohne Frage das bis dato beste was Under Destruction gemacht haben.” Rating: 10/10