After our 2012 debut Album „Origin“, which was very well received according to all the great reviews and fan feedbacks we got, we wanted to raise the bar again for us. We spent a lot of time rehearsing, getting better on our instruments and extending the Under Destruction sound with new elements. At first the idea was to work on another full length record, but during the writing process we decided not to, and do a 6 song EP instead. There are two main reasons, first we realised we can never play every song live if we release 12 or 14 songs on one record. The past showed us that there are always three or four songs that won’t make it into our live set because we’re normally not allowed to play more than 45 or 50 minutes. And secondly we noticed (also on ourselves) that in the modern world with all the social media, video and free downloading portals, the attention span is pretty short among music listeners. When listening to an album, we realised that very often you only pay attention to the songs that sound good to you at first, and kind of leave the other tracks on the side. As I said this is our opinion, and we find ourselves with this behavour again and again. So even though we have material for another full lenght album, we decided to only release 6 songs at first, and do another record when the time is right! Be prepared for an EP, which will feature the heaviest, fastest and most epic stuff we have ever done!

Here you see a picture of our singer „Vale“ with his patented red ladder singing technique, which unleashes the most brutal vocals ever!


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